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We offer legal assistance in all cases of donations. We help plan and carry out donations, both during life and those that produce their effects by donor's death, in order to avoid further problems.

We advise our clients on Inheritance of all kinds and manner and at any time of the process. Also when problems arise between heirs to distribute and evaluate the assets and rights that make up the heritage in order to avoid a legal dispute with professional advice.

These are processes where the purpose is to protect people who are impaired, for reasons beyond their capacity, to act and need special protection. We defend the interests of our clients in order to get the best protection of their rights.

We assist in the process of legal separation, divorce and annulment with an arbitrator objective. We advise to solve, through mutual agreement, disputes relating to the custody of the children, allocation, alimony and visitation. In those cases where it is not possible to reach the necessary agreement we defend the interests and rights of our client through legal proceedings.


Inheritance and Donations

Competency Proceedings

Family and Matrimonial Law

Guardianship and wardship are care institutions and legal protection to protect the rights of minors who are not subject to parental authority. Our job is, through the study of the personal circumstances of the minor to procure the appointment of the right person.

Guardianship and Wardship

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